Our Services: Audio Recording, Mixing & Mastering

Are you looking for professional and yet affordable recording studio in the Brisbane region?

Whether you want to:

– record one song or full album

– Turn your written poetry pieces into recorded spoken word poetry

– Record 30 second voice-over ads to promote your business

– Record and turn your book into audio book

– Record voice over for your short or feature film

– Etc

Mantistic Productions is here to work with you.

At Mantistic Productions, we will not only perform any general audio recording, but if you already have a recorded audio that you want us to improve the quality, we can do that too. We can edit, mix and master it for you to a radio quality.

All you have to do is send us the recorded audio and we will polish the audio through the process of mixing including cutting out mistakes / breaths / coughs and stutters etc in any audio file. Plus – we will apply any audio effect to enhance the sound.

We can convert and deliver the file back to you in any format desire.

Experience tells us that, your number one goal is to get the most professional sound possible. This is made possible with our creative approach plus high tech, industry standard software systems.

We will Mix and master any audio and if you’re an artist, we will mix/master any genres in our professional latest Pro Tools software.

We provide the Best Quality Guaranteed; professional Recording, Mixing & Mastering Service:

Audio Mixing/Mastering

  • take out breaths
  • remove mistakes or unwanted words
  • mix music that you provide with a voice track
  • adjust volumes
  • audiobooks
  • podcasts
  • cut up audio into smaller audio clips
  • combine pieces of audio into one audio file
  • Cutting out mistakes, breaths, unwanted words
  • Break/Combine/Repeat/Cut audio files
  • Volume adjustments
  • EQ
  • Compression
  • Noise Reduction
  • Color EQ
  • Stereo Imaging
  • Limiter/Maximizer
  • Whatever Effect You Requests

Contact our staff  to see how our audio engineers can help your business today!