We’ll be your reliable consulting agent for your business marketing needs.

Quick Background On Us:

We are independent digital marketing consultants.

We work in close collaboration with business owners and recording artists…giving them tips, insights and effective strategies on how to build their brand and market their products and services in the online space.

We also help with efficiency…looking at many ways to streamline your processes so you can work more on your business not in your business.

(This can buy you back 5+ hours each week.)

Reach out to start a conversation about your business or service:

Mantist Oryem

Marketing Strategy Consulting

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    The Following Are Some Brief Areas We Can Help You On:

    (Everything mainly tailored toward individuals business’ needs. This will get clearer after we have a conversation and got better acquainted.)

    1. Social media marketing/branding:

      • We’ll engage your social media followers with consistent and relevant posts.
      • We’ll plan, craft and schedule post 3+ months in advance.
      • We’ll educate you on posting the right contents, and how many times per week and the best time to post.
      • Plus Much more!

    2. We’ll analyse your business, your processes and help you create system so you can work on your business instead of in your business.

      • Helping you create your business blueprint that’s profitable
      • Helping you create what we called “Power Hook”
      • Helping you develop vision
      • Helping you under go SWOT analysis
      • Helping you Identify your business values and standard
      • Helping you define your purpose/mission statemen

    3. We’ll Educate You On up to date Digital Marketing Strategy

      •  Email marketing
      • Video marketing
      • And more!

    4. We’ll Help You With Scripting Your Marketing Messages

      • Automated messages
      • Social media posts
      • Marketing messages

    5. We’ll help you in planning and crafting your marketing campaign.

    6. We’ll Design All Your Promotional Materials

      • Logo
      • Business card
      • Flyers
      • Plus More

    (Additional fees maybe applicable here.)

    7. We’ll Give You Access To Many Effective Marketing Resources For Your Study.

    8. Ask unlimited questions during your consulting engagement period.

    We’ll answer all your marketing questions during our partnership engagement.

    9. Social Media Set Up:

    If required, we’ll help you Set up a Business Facebook Page, Linked In Profile, Twitter account, Pinterest etc

    10. We’ll show you how to set up and execute your online campaigns such as Facebook ads.

    11. Overall, we’ll help you make better marketing decisions so you can feel at ease knowing you are on the right track.

    Our goal is to help your business create stable cashflow month in, month out.


    You Can Choose From These 2 Engagement Options:

    Option1: Short-Term Partnerships: 

    Helping you on all your Marketing challenges on the go:

    Tell us what your current BIGGEST marketing challenges standing between you and profits…we’ll help you solved it.

    Option2: Long-Term Partnerships: 

    Everything outline on Benefits section, Plus:
    1. Unlimited Q/As.
    2. 1hr Monthly Strategy Session.

    Mantist Oryem

    Marketing Strategy Consulting

    📞 +61457070666