I once asked a highly successful key speaker in a sale conference a question. This is what I said to him, “hey Mr so and so, I can not seem to get a breakthrough in my career. I have quality products and I am capable of proving excellence service but I just can’t breakthrough. What am I doing wrong?” Even my sale presentation is structure in a very logical order. I am feeling very frustrated.”
And that was the truth.
He taps my shoulder, smile and asked me one question. “How’s your sale closing?”
I went to tell him, well, people seem to like giving me excuses like, “let me think it over, I gotta talk to my partner, I have no money, I have no time” and so many excuses and it’s killing me.
He then shared with me a closing approach that he learned in his earlier sale career which got him to the top and he vow, if I apply the same approach, it would high rocket my business with guarantee.
This is the approach he shared with me.
He said, “The purpose of a strong closing is to get a prospect to make a buy decision after you have made your sale presentation.
Sale resistance is at it maximum the first time a prospect and a sale person meet. Prospect is usually determine not to buy anything. And you are determine to make a sale.
To reduce this kind of resistance, tell the prospect before your presentation something like;
“Hi Mr/Miss prospect, I’m not going to try to sale you anything right now. All I want to do while am here, is show you some of the reasons why so many other people have bought this product and continue to buy it.
And all I ask is look at what am about to show you opening and honestly and determine whether or not it applies to your situation.
And tell me after the presentation yes or no whether this is applicable to you. Is that cool?”.
After you have read this statement, you will realise that the statement completely break down resistance.
He said, he learned the approached from Brain Tracey book “The Psychology of Selling
I instantly put the approach in action and also bought The Psychology of Selling book the following day.
Mama Mia! within 90 days, that approach increases my profit by God knows how much.
If you’re struggling with selling your idea, you definitely MUST take this approach onboard and start putting it in action as quickly as possible. Read the approach here
And I highly recommend you place your hand on The Psychology of Selling book which provides in deep knowledge on the subject.
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