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After our first point of contact with you, we’ll determine progress direction together. Sometimes we’ll send you prepared questionnaire, to gain more details about your business. Your comprehensive responses play a pivotal role.


Once everything is settled and agreed upon, we’ll then send you a contract and invoice for us to commence. It’s our policy that, 50% upfront payments before work commences unless on rare occasion, we agreed otherwise. Upon confirmation of a 50% upfront payment, we’ll commence work promptly.


Once work begins, we’ll continue to have a back and forth conversation with you on the progress of your projects. This includes, seeking feedback, sharing recommendations etc. This helps us speed up, refine and perfect the output.


After your approval of the revision samples, the final high-quality version is prepared for delivery. We await the completion of the remaining 50% of the fees before promptly dispatching the polished, finalized product.