Until I was 19, I had a very negative attitude toward money and rich people. I was among my naive and broke peers that think money is bad and is not important. And my attitude toward rich people was that, they’re all greedy and crooked. And that they step on the little men to get what they want.
While I was carrying that dangerous philosophy, I was severely destitute and was struggling to pay my way through life on the basic everyday today stuff.
Earl Nightingale said “You become what you think about”.
Before we move forward, let’s clear the edge on the subject that money is bad  and is not important. Money is very important. Vitally important. There’s nothing that will take the place of money in the areas that money works. That’s all it is to it. Money is important to every person living in civilise society. Money is a tool.
Remember also that, most rich people are enlightened one. Matter fact, you’re never really rich unless you’re a enlightened rich being.
Anyway, I think, I’m going off subject from the point I wanted to make. The point I want to make is that, it takes courage to be rich. By rich, am not talking about accumulating a lot of money although that’s the effect of it. I’m really talking about knowing your definiteness of purpose in life and having a plan to attain it.
Majority of people are not living their purpose and their plans. They’re simply ‘copy cat’ and ‘sheep’ following the crowd without knowing where or asking why.
I’ve made that mistake for many years and I’ve paid dearly price for it.
One day, I’ve got my hand on my very first cassette tape title “12 Secret of Wealth by Hans Jacobi“. That was how thing started to change for me for the better.
I would like you to invest some time to listen to this tape yourself.
I went through a lot of hustle to get it from tape onto a digital form. I think it came out back in the old days when cds was just an idea.
Hans also written a hand full of classic books. My favourite is “How To Be Rich & Happy (On Your Income)”
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