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Mantist OryemCEO and Founder

Mantist Oryem is the founder and CEO, of Mantistic Productions. He started the company on a foundational principle of quality over quantity. A Graduate from SAE/Qantm, Mantist has been producing radio quality songs for local and international artists for over 5 years. A musician himself, he is aware of the important to get the best and the most professional sound possible.


Torn from his South Sudan home at the age of five to six due to warfare, Mantist and his family — his three brothers and single mother — were forced to spend nine years at Ugandan and Kakuma refugee camps in less than ideal conditions.
 “There is really nothing positive to take from the life I had in the refugee camps,” Mantist says. “Matter fact, I can describe life in a refugee camps in 5 words. A daily fight to survive. I remembered my entire grade 1 to 3 classroom was under a tree sitting on rocks that we carried ourselves.” Said Mantist
However, despite these harsh reality of life, this is where everything began.
Mantist entrepreneurial mindset has began at a young age. At the age of 10, he was already buying and selling fruits at a weekly fruits market. Age 12, he ventures into buying whole sale diesel. and selling it retail price on the street of refugee camp. “Thinking back, my diesel business was the most profitable. No one in the camp has access to electricity. That means, everybody used lamps as their source of light at night. And lamp needs diesel. It was like I got access to untouched gold-mine.” said Mantist.
Mantist watched how to start and build successful businesses by watching his single mum built successful businesses after businesses.
“My mum is a hell of a business lady. I remembered watching her start a business with 200 UG shilling, which is equivalent to 50 cents in those days and build it into more than 2,000,000 UG shilling in just 18 months.” said Mantist.
“Every businesses she started never failed for one good reason. Value is the name of her game. She is value driven. She brings massive value to massive number of people” He proclaimed.
The experiences at the refugee camps started Mantist initiation into a future of entrepreneurship.
Once his family was able to move to Australia, he learned how to read,write, and speak in English, and finished high school to pursue crafts in music and business.


In 2004, Mantist landed on Australian shores under humanitarian visa. “When we arrived in Australia, I knew nobody. No computer skills. I only knew basic English with an accent that no one could understand.” said Mantist “I remembered I used to get so frustrated that I had to spelt what I mean on a piece of paper because nobody understand me.” He Proclaimed.

According to Mantist, the first 5 years in Australia he was basically living his past. On a daily basis, he was creating his secret museum of mental horror.  That was when music came into the picture.


 With hard work and great energy in developing his passion as an artist, Mantist went on to craft poems and write small pieces of short stories— inspired by the obstacles he and his family had endured at the refugee camps—, and— with the help of an underground label rep— eventually produced his first EP album“Out of Poverty into the Glory” in 2009. This album consisted of 10 tracks, sold 1,000 printed copies and 350 digital sales in the first year, and was described by many people as “inspiring and informative.” By 2011, Mantist established a very profound base and a good reputation for his music, with more than eight books of rhymes written under his sleeve. Mantist decided to sharpen his skills in music production by attending SAE Institute Brisbane, and earning a diploma in Sound Production. He later enrolled to study bachelor of Film Productions.
After Using the skills he developed, he created his own beats for his songs, edited his own music and videos.
With his strong entrepreneur mindset, Mantist started developing his business skills of how to build a successful business in the west.
He became a real student of business. by investing thousand of dollars in buying books, attending seminars and listening to hundreds of audio recording. He took all that information and boiled it down to starting his own businesses and went on to create Mantistic Productions, a service provider for everyday customers looking for specialised skills in sound production and other areas— including graphic design and video editing — where anyone who wants to create a demo, song, or album can receive professional and affordable sound production services.
“My aim for creating Mantistic Productions is mainly to support up & coming artists and small businesses with low budget who need professional and yet affordable graphic designing, video editing and sound productions services”. Our core value is ”love people and use money”. That is something we are proud of.” Said Mantist


  • Founder of Mantistic Productions
  • Founder of Get Paid Living Your Passion
  • Music Producer and Performer – Mantistmusic.com
  • Performed in many Brisbane festivals such as the Brisbane Festival and the Zillmere Multicultural Festival
  • Headlined for World Refugee Community Day Festival with a turnout of 13,000 plus people
  • Performed in many small festivals such as Youth Day Festival and World Aids Day Festival, and many clubs, pubs, birthday parties, schools, and more
  • Been featured in many magazines and newspaper articles: such as The Courier Mail, MX, City News, Scene Magazine, The Chronicle, and more
  • Appeared on many radio stations (where his music was played or he was interviewed) such as ABC Coast FM, ABC Radio, SBS Radio radio, 4ZZZ and more
  • Released 3 original music albums and 1 spoken word album
  • Sold 25,000 hard and digital copies of his albums
  • Facilitated dozen of music and spoken words workshops
  • Finalist in Australian Poetry Slam 2011
  • Winner of Griffith University short film most outstanding male performance
  • Qmusic song Award finalist 2008 and 2009
  • Major in Audio and Film productions with SAE quntm
  • Diploma in Community Development
  • Early careers in sales and IT Engineering
  • Over 150,000 plus followers on his online platforms
Mantist Oryem – Music Producer, Performer and Entrepreneur 
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