I was at quite a huge entrepreneurs conference last night with over 500 plus entrepreneurs gathering and we had some great line of speakers.
Each were unique and brought to the table great values in their on ways of speaking and engaging; but the message were all the same. How can we be better than the average?
I’ve released that, that is probably the most powerful question you can ask yourself. “How can I be better than the average?”.
Anyway, among the speaker was a lady name “Lisa Mcinnes-Smith”.  You might have heard of her because she’s pretty famous speaker.
I read one of her book “How To Motivate, Manage & Market Yourself” prior to that and I’ve heard many great stuff about her. So, I was pretty eager to meet her in person.
I gotta tell you, I was not disappointed. The lady have so much energy and knows how to rock the crowd and have a in deep knowledge on human performance especially in the field of connection.
She shared with us what she referred to as “Rules of Connection”.
I’ve jotted them down plus some great quotes from her from the night which I’ve included with the “Rules of Connection”.
Go ahead and read it and perhaps implement it starting from tomorrow.
She figures, this simple “rules of connection” got her to the top.
I’ll give it a try myself too and if it works out, we can both share jokes about it when we are both at the top 🙂
Because this are some basic stuff that we overlook but yet so powerful.
4 steps in rule of connection
1. First compliment the person
2. Ask them at least two questions about them before you start talking about yourself
3. Reach out your hand & tell them your name
4. Lastly, ask for their name
It’s basic, it’s simple but yet powerful.
Some great quotes I’ve written down during the conference.
1. “Optimism builds business and pessimism kills effort”.
2. “Improvement is impossible without change”
3. Most people don’t lead their lives, they just accept them”_John Cotter
4. “To grow, you must be intentional”
5. “You will never change your life, until you change something you do daily”
Best wishes until next time…