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At Mantistic Productions, we believe that a well crafted and edited video can tell a story that draw audience to your brand.
Our team of experienced and passionate video editors can help you edit your video that is unique, memorable, and engaging.
We will edit your raw HD footages, and in fact any type of video files for any occasion.


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Video Editing

Our video editing service takes your raw footage and transforms it into a polished, professional video. We can handle everything from basic editing, such as trimming and splicing clips, to more advanced techniques.

Color Correction / Filters

Color correction is the process of adjusting the colors in a video to make it look more natural and appealing. We can use color correction to improve the overall look of your video.

Subtitling & Closed Captioning

Subtitling and closed captioning are essential for making your videos accessible to a wider audience. We can provide subtitles and closed captions in any language.

Music Video

A music video is a great way to promote your music and engage your fans. We can help you create a music video that is visually stunning and tells the story of your song. We can work with you to develop a concept, shoot the video.

Cooperate Video

A corporate video is a great way to introduce your company to potential customers, promote your products or services, and attract new employees. We can help you create a corporate video that is informative, engaging, and professional.

Promotional Video

A promotional video is a great way to promote your product, service, or event. We can help you create a promotional video that is attention-grabbing, informative, and persuasive. We can work with you to develop a script, shoot the video, and edit it to perfection.

brisbane video production

video editing services in Brisbane

Embark on a transformative journey with Mantistic Productions, your go-to destination for unparalleled video editing services in Brisbane. Our dedicated team of video editors in Brisbane brings your vision to life through meticulous refinement, delivering captivating visual narratives. As the premier video editing agency, we specialize in enhancing your content, whether you’re a Brisbane-based business seeking to elevate corporate presentations or a brand looking to boost promotional material. At Mantistic Productions, our focus is on top-tier Brisbane video production that exceeds expectations.

Experience the difference with our talented Brisbane video editors, who utilize cutting-edge techniques to ensure every frame tells a compelling story. Elevate your visual storytelling journey with Mantistic Productions, where innovation and expertise converge to create a seamless, unforgettable experience. Choose Mantistic Productions as your trusted partner for video editing in Brisbane, and let your visual content stand out in the dynamic landscape of today’s media. Our comprehensive video editing services in Brisbane are designed to revolutionize your brand’s narrative, ensuring engaging social media snippets that resonate with your audience. Discover the power of premier video editing services in Brisbane with Mantistic Productions, your gateway to captivating storytelling and visually stunning content.

brisbane video production

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We have a proven track record of success. We have helped dozens of startups and small business owners grow their businesses and achieve their design & marketing goals.

We are experts in design & digital marketing. We know our crafts. Our team of experienced design and digital marketing professionals have been doing this for years and constantly up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.

We are committed to our clients' success. We genuinely care about your success. Because your success is our success. When you reach out to us, you can feel the authenticity and genuine caring to understanding your problem and helping you bridge that gaps.


Clients' Testimonials

Your Tursted video editing agency in brisbane

Based on 24 reviews
Corey McNamara
Corey McNamara
Absolutely incredible team to work with. Really grateful to God for Mantistic Productions. Their work is exceptional, highly recommend. I’ve just started working with the team, and i can say without a doubt i’ll be working with them now and into the future.
Dion Maticic
Dion Maticic
The Mantist is a great producer who understands high-quality sound and is a breeze to work with, I absolutely recommend him for getting the job done right.
Liton Liton
Liton Liton
Mantistic Productions provided a prompt and professional service, delivering a clean, crisp, and well-designed landing page. Their flexibility in swapping out images and speed in making requested edits exceeded our expectations. We are highly satisfied with the final product and look forward to working with them again.
Hasan Ali
Hasan Ali
Mantistic Production exceeded our expectations with their outstanding service. We run a small professional services business and recently overlooked the pending expiry of our website SSL. They went above and beyond to rectify the issue and ensure our website remained secure. We are grateful for their exceptional service.
Al Amin
Al Amin
Mantistic Production delivered a high-quality presentation video for us, demonstrating excellent communication skills and an ability to deliver quick feedback. They completed the project on time and with great attention to detail. We highly recommend their services.
Atiqur Rahman
Atiqur Rahman
Mantistic Production was an excellent designer to work with, responding quickly and easily to our needs. They are efficient, reliable, and highly recommended. Our new home page design looks fantastic.
SKB Channel
SKB Channel
Working with Mantistic Production was a pleasure. They provided an additional touch to our company logo that improved its look and professional feel, exceeding our expectations. We highly recommend their services.
RH Robin
RH Robin
Mantistic Production did an excellent job of delivering exactly what we wanted in a design and providing excellent service and communication throughout the process. We are very satisfied with the results and highly recommend their services.
micol bruciaferro
micol bruciaferro
Thank you for designing a birthday invite card for my daughter…it was perfect.
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